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This blog is meant to keep folks up-to-date about the Edmonton portion of the Serenity Now/Equality Now charity screening. Later on, it might serve as a message board for other Browncoat events.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Harbor not so solid

Here's how it is: For those of you thinking of stopping by Happy Harbor Comics this weekend and picking up tickets, hold off. My printer suffered a brain anerism, so the printing of tickets will be delayed. I'll post back here when they are ready.

I've also added a donations button to the site. It occured to me there might well be some generous folk who, unable to attend the screening for some reason, still wanted to show their support for Equality Now. If that is you, then there it is, and thank-you for your generosity.

Ticket purchases have already started coming in, so don't delay! I'd hate to have to turn folks away...

Captain Brent


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