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This blog is meant to keep folks up-to-date about the Edmonton portion of the Serenity Now/Equality Now charity screening. Later on, it might serve as a message board for other Browncoat events.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Hello, and welcome aboard the new Serenity Now/Equality Now blog for Edmonton. I shifted it to a new address to seperate it from my personal blogs. Now the profile has info about the event (important) instead of info about me (not as much). Okay, enough exposition, onto the good stuff...

* * *

Here's how it is: Okay, a few things have happened since we last spoke. We have confirmed a print from Universal, so the Edmonton Big Damn Charity Screening is a done deal! Thanks to my crew for their hard work and dedication in getting us here.

"Captain Brent", you ask, "now that the most amazing event ever is going to happen, where can I get tickets?"

That's an excellent question. I will be printing tickets either today or tomorrow. Starting this weekend, those tickets will be available for advance purchase from two locations:

*Happy Harbor Comics and Toys, 10112 124 street, or
*One of the three organizers, Lisa, Bev, or myself

I am working on getting a Paypal button on here as well, so that Serenity goodness is just a click away.

"But Captain Brent, now that I know where to get tickets in advance, how much will they be?"

Another excellent question! Tickets are $12 in advance, and the cut-off date for that is Monday, June 19th. After that date, you'll have to pay the at-the-door price, which is $15. So it is to your advantage to buy your tickets ahead of time! Not coincidentally, it is to our advantage as well; advance tickets give us an idea of how big the event will be. It's for charity, people, so buy early and buy often!

And scalpers get kicked into the nearest engine.

"Wow, that sure is a great price, Captain Brent. What do we get for that besides the movie?"

Well, someone ate their Fruity-Oaty Bars this morning! It's true; as wonderfully fantastic as just watching Serenity on the big screen will be, we are giving you more. Two words: Door Prizes! Yes, my crew and I are scouring the city, looking for the finest in wobbly-headed, swag from local sponsors. And everyone who buys a ticket is entered in the draw. As soon as we get confirmations from sponsors, I'll post them here and you can watch our cargo grow!

Any more questions? Then post them to me here, and I or one of my crew will do our best to answer them. And keep checking back for updates in the meantime.

See you in the 'verse!


Blogger Dan said...

Can't wait for the Shindig in June! I'll be getting my tickets asap.

Good work!

I'm still around if you need a hand, maybe with a few other recruits if you need them - none of them are Sheperds though.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

capt. brent, thanks to you and the others for making this happen! i heard our fine city mentioned on the signal!:-)


8:28 PM  

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